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Wood Slats TV Accent Wall




The Inspiration

When we first stepped into this mid-century home, one of the stand out features was a wall of custom built-in book cases and cabinets at the end of a large, well-lit space. The bones were in immaculate shape – they were worth salvaging, and even re-purposing.

The Creative

The TV wall immediately became the point of interest where we knew we had to add a little something. We started with a quick sketch. A recent trip to Ikea got us thinking about how we could incorporate something similar to the birch coloured Mandal Headboard into the design.

The Instructions

  1. We ended up picking up some 1.5 inch (for bracing) and wider 2.5 inch (for facing) wide pine boards (10 feet in length to fit just within the opening. Our opening was just under 5ft high, so with 15 boards at 2.5 inches wide, we ended up with one inch spacing between each slat.
  2. We cut the 15 face slats to fit within our opening, and made sure our vertical brace pieces lined-up with the wall studs.
  3. You’ll need to predrill holes through the 1.5 inch braces at the intervals you’ve selected. Make sure you have a square and tape measure on hand. We used 1 inch wood screws to put the brace and face slats together (I wouldn’t use anything longer than 1 ¼) from the back.
  4. After attaching all the face slats, we used a skill saw to cut out an opening for the television wall mount. (Note: you’ll likely want to install your wall mount on a couple of 2×4 pieces, so that the wall mount bracket doesn’t interfere with the thickness of the wood slat wall).
  5. We then used four extra-long wood screws to hang the wood slats on the wall. Keep in mind, the slats may shift from side-to-side with this design – it does make it easier to line-up the wall when attaching it to the existing structure. To finish, use wood filler to fill the four screw holes, do a light sand all over, and apply a stain and/or finish of your choice.