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Our goal for this office was to bring life into this built environment. We wanted the space to be fresh, fun, and contemporary.

Stand Out Features

One of the favourite spaces in this office is the kid’s corner. We custom designed the bookshelf in the same material as the desk to bring in that sense of fun and nature. We wanted a WOW factor on display and this bookshelf is it! It’s modern enough to be admired by mature clients, as much as children.

Key Challenges

Having a support beam in the middle of the front space! Our job was to come up with creative solutions, so we drew the front desk in and around the beam. Also adding the bulkhead to tie it all together, which allowed us to display gorgeous glass pendant lights.


The light in the kid’s play room is designed by Danish Architect, Simon Karkov. After blood, sweat and tears, the 67-piece light fixture creates a beautiful anchor in the room, representing an abstract acorn not too far from the tree.