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Playboy Powder Room







A little room can pack a big punch – a guest bathroom with mid-century modern, industrial, and memorable flair.

Stand Out Features

A chainsaw-cut birch wood slab with industrial piping, colourful pendant lighting, low flow flush, and in-wall faucet make up the main features of the room.  Lastly, a wall of ’60s era playboy comic strip prints hangs boldly by the flush – certainly a great source of entertainment for guests and a fantastic conversation starter.

Key Challenges

Remodeling a powder room isn’t always this daunting – major plumbing and electrical work was done to convert what was once a family’s main bath, into the powder room of today.


Flooring is always a worthwhile indulgence when it comes to powder rooms. Since there is typically little square footage to cover, getting high-end tiles still won’t break the bank. For this remodel, a high gloss black 12×24 inch tile was chosen and laid in a staggered pattern.