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Minimal, Contemporary, Unique.

Stand Out Features

The design concept was to create a bright and natural environment with clean style at work to perform an open- concept salon allowing lots of interaction, and adding some natural elements to highlight against the high contrast white and black walls.

Key Challenges

The layout of a traditional hair salon usually has three spaces: reception, staff working, and service. With Blonde, we decided to break the rules a bit by reorganizing space to improve interaction with customers.


The majority of materials were wood – from the rawness of the live-edge sliding barn door, to the custom front desk and bar. The second was the shaped steel plates supporting the custom retail shelves. And the unique shampoo hut providing a cozy nook to be pampered by Blonde’s finest can be easily spotted with its dark contrast black exterior, while remaining open and airy inside. The intent of this combination of elements was to make clients feel welcome and complete the full Blonde experience.